Shot Blasting Machine Impeller

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Shot blasting turbine is key composition of shot blasting machine, in accordance with the connection mode, including direct-driven type and belt-driven type; in accordance with blade shape, including straight blade type and curved blade type.

  • 1. Direct-driven Shot Blasting Turbine:: Direct-driven shot blasting turbine is composed of motor, shell, abrasive entrance pipe, guard plate, impeller, distributor and blade, etc. which is characterized by: The outside of the motor spindle is equipped with the motor shaft seat. One end of the motor shaft seat is fixed with motor, and another end connected with shell. Distributor of shot blasting turbine is directly installed at the top of the motor spindle, it overcomes the belt shot blasting machine shortcomings, it's a high-efficient blast wheel, beautiful appearance, compact configuration, low noise, economy and environmental protection. Has the largest power and largest abrasive flow rate. It is widely used in all kinds of shot blasting cleaning machine.
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